Romantic Nature Setting

Romantic Nature Setting

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Romantic Nature Setting

As I opened my eyes, I saw him laying there, still sleeping and exploring his deepest thoughts. The brisk morning air nibbled at my nose as the sun, just rising over the mountains, warmed my body. I leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips to wake him. He opened his eyes slowly and looked over at me with a smile. As he stroked the side of my face with his gentle hand, I felt this chocolate colored skin melt over me. After laying there holding each other in perfect silence, we decided to put our clothes on and go for a morning hike.

We took off down a path covered softly with moss and tiny pink flowers. Off to the side of the path were endless green trees and pants all nestled together to make one beautiful piece of art. After a while, we reached a sparkling, clear brook. It was about twelve feet deep and nearly three feet deep. The path wound right along side the water. Down the brook a ways, we came to a deep water hole where the fish danced in the swirling current. I noticed the brook was beginning to flow a little faster now, and I could hear the steady, rushing noise of the water falling over the cliffs that lied ahead. We walked to the cliff's edge to look over at the crystal clear lagoon that lay below us. The falls dropped about thirty feet down before it met the pool of water below. To the sides of the waterfall were moss-covered rocks, ferns and other green plants, growing from the crevices of the cliffs.

Vines weaved their way down from the trees that towered from on top of the rocks. We decided to take off and climb down towards the water pool.

Following the trail, we lost sight of the waterfall for most of the time it took to climb down. As we neared the bottom, huge rocks at the edge of the waterfall blocked all view of it. Once the waterfall became visible, it was more beautiful that ever. From the bottom, we could see the vapors rising from where the falls bubbled into the pool. We could see the rainbow that was made from the sunlight shining through the mist. Since it was such a nice day, we decided to go for a swim.

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The water was clear and cool against our bodies. We slowly moved our way to the other side of the pool. Once we reached the other side, which is only reachable by means of swimming across the pool, we climbed out to explore the treasures that the bank had in store.

After walking a little ways, we saw a mother duck and a couple of her babies.

They were pretty small and obviously had a lot to learn before they could swim

To the other bank. Looking furthermore for something else to explore, we found a faint trail that led to the rocks near the waterfall. We followed it over to where it ended; it was not quite under the waterfall but very close. From this point we could see the minnows jumping in the rumble of the falls. They seemed so happy in their isolated world. I could now feel the mist showering my face and brushing against my skin. It was much colder than I had anticipated it to be. From the way his muscles tensed, I knew that he was feeling the same cool vapor that had overtaken my body. The sparkle in his mysterious brown eyes told me that he was enjoying every moment of this just as much as I was.

We walked back to the bank that we had climbed onto earlier and sat down. As
We watched the water falling off the cliffs, we reminisced on good times,
Dreamed about the future, and talked about anything else that was on our minds. As we were talking, our beautiful day seemed to drift away to make way for a storm. Before we knew it, it began to rain. We decided to swim back across to the other side so we could get back to camp.

The first part of our hike back was the climb up the cliff. As he reached the top, he returned back to ease my struggle with the climb. He held out his hand and as I took it I could feel his every muscle working in perfect harmony to lift me up. Once on top, we decided to go to the edge and look over one last time. It was different from what we had seen this morning. The mist was a little hazier, probably because the sky was darker from the rain clouds.

The green plants to the side of the falls did not have as vibrant of colors either. They still were very beautiful, but not at all in the same way. As we continued on our hike back, we passed the place where the deepwater hole lay in the brook. The fish were no longer dancing in the water: now, they weren't there at all. The trees and plants off to the sides of the trail were now dampened with droplets of water. The mossy trail was saturated with water, which made a swishing noise with every step.

Soon we were back to camp. The sun was no longer out and the air was cold and damp. We changed out of our wet clothed and into some drier ones and got into the tent, our only protection from the rain. We laid there in silence for quite sometime. Then, as he drifted off the sleep, I lay there in the same place I had that morning, wondering what he was dreaming about.
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