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The Statute of Limitations

- The statute of limitation refers to the length of time in which a plaintiff can file a claim. The principle behind statute of limitation is that lawsuits cannot be improved as time passes by. For one, clear details of the facts can be blurred as memories can fade and witnesses may die, go away, or lose interest of the case. Ideally, court prefers to settle the case as soon as disputes develop (Warner, 2010). However, for professional and product liabilities, with injuries may take time to manifest, many courts adapted different rules such as postponing the running of the statute until the injury has been reasonably discovered....   [tags: Analysis, Comparisons]

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The Statute of Anne and Copyright Law

- Prior to the enactment of the Statute of Anne in 1710, the idea of copyright law, remained in the private law context, was in hands of profit-making stationers' company who only served to uphold their own interests in printing the materials. The Statute of Anne deeply affected the American law of copyright (Patterson, 1965) marking the beginning of copyright in a public context. Although the Statute itself had handful of loopholes like it only governed the printing of books and did not stipulate any means to identify the author, it was still often referred as the most authoritative legislation document because of its groundbreaking, historical impact on its protection to the natural and pro...   [tags: printing, author, publishers]

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The Case Of The Alien Tort Statute

- There is long history of the Alien Tort Statute pitot to the kiobel’s case. Alien Tort Statute (ATS) is approved by Congress in 1789 to provide the federal courts jurisdiction over tort statement. U.S. made a commitment about human rights and international law. However, George Washington was against the cruel treatment of British soldiers. History describes that during foreign plaintiffs seldom appeal the ATS in the past. However, the precedent prove that in 1980. Around two centuries after the ATS turn into law, Filartiga v....   [tags: United States, Supreme Court of the United States]

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The Federal Anti-Kickback Statute

- In the United States, healthcare fraud and abuse are significant factor associated with increasing health care costs. It is estimated that federal government spends billions of dollars on the health care cost (Edwards & DeHaven, 2009). Despite the seriousness of fraud and abuse offenses, increasing numbers of healthcare providers are seeking new and more profitable ways to build business relationships. These relationships include hospital mergers, hospital-physician joint ventures, and different types of hospital-affiliated physician networks to cover the rising cost of health care (Showalter, 2007, p 111-114)....   [tags: Health Care]

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Definition Of Statutory Interpretation And The Interpretation Of A Statute

- When implementing statute laws, Judges and the courts may use a method called statutory interpretation to decipher the meaning of the words, and what law the statute is asking them to apply before making their judgment. Over time, the judiciary has developed four rules to help in the interpretation of a statute. They are the literal rule, the golden rule, the mischief rule and the purposive approach. Any one of these rules can be referred to if Statutory interpretation is necessary in a legal case, where a Statutes meaning and purpose is not entirely clear....   [tags: Common law, Law, Case law, Statutory law]

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The Statute of Frauds and the Uniform Commercial Code

- Statute of Frauds The primary purpose of the “Statute of Frauds” (SOF) is to protect the interests of parties once they are involved in litigating a contract dispute (Spagnola, 2008). The relevant statutes are reliant upon state jurisdictions to determine whether the contract falls under the SOF, and whether the writing of the contract satisfies the requirements of the statute of frauds (Spagnola, 2008). However, all contracts are not covered under the SOF. In essence, for a contract to be deemed as legal by definition of the SOF, there must be verification of the following requirements for formation of the contract, which are as follows: (1) There must be least two parties to the contract,...   [tags: Contracts Disputes, Legal principles]

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The Stark Act And Anti Kickback Statute ( Aks ) Is Required

- 1-2. A review of both the Stark Act and Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) is required. Under Stark, a physician is prohibited from making a referral of a Medicare or patient to an entity that furnishes “Designated Health Services (DHS)” if the physician has a financial relationship with the entity unless an exception applies. A Stark analysis reviews the following questions:1) Is Medicare or Medicaid billing of services involved. 2) Are provided services by a covered DHS. 3) Does the physician (or immediate family member) have any financial relationship with DHS performing services....   [tags: Patient, Physician, Medicine, Hospital]

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Federal Anti-Kickback Statute Safe Harbors

- Federal Anti-Kickback Statute Safe Harbors The OIG has adopted two safe harbors allowing for certain arrangements involving the donation of electronic prescribing and electronic health records (“EHR") technologies. The safe harbors reflect an attempt to encourage the donation of this technology in circumstances where the donations are unlikely to be constituted inducements or rewards for the generation of business payable by federal health care programs. Electronic Prescribing Items and Services The electronic prescribing safe harbor shields the donation of hardware, software, and information technology and training services by certain donors to certain recipients in connection with the Medi...   [tags: Technology, Electronic Prescribing]

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The Statute of the Man in the Modern Catholic Anthropology

- The Statute of the Man in the Modern Catholic Anthropology ABSTRACT: In what follows, I examine the renaissance of the idea of freedom as a fundamental measure of humanity in the work of Karol Voitila (Pope John Paul II). I examine as well Karol Voitila's concept of the human person as found in his work "Love and Responsibility" as well as the encyclical Evangelium vitae, which affirms the incomparable value of the human person. I also consider the celestial predestination of the human person as discussed in the documents of the Second Vatican Council....   [tags: Philosophy Philosophical Papers]

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As Envisioned in the 18th Century: Narrowing the Alien Tort Statute to its Original Application

- In the past thirty years, claims brought under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) by non-U.S. citizens against U.S. corporations has increased exponentially. The ATS was passed as part of the Judiciary Act of 1789 and allows non-U.S. citizens to bring civil suits in U.S. federal courts for violations of customary international law. The statute has been used to bring claims against corporations and government officials. Beginning with a landmark case, Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain, in 2004, the Court attempted to limit claims allowed under the ATS to those comparable to international law claims envisioned in the 18th century, when the ATS was originally enacted, such as those involving ambassadors, safe...   [tags: judiciary act of 1879, customary international law]

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The Influences of Law Making on Parliament and Statute Creation

- The Influences of Law Making on Parliament and Statute Creation One influence operating on Parliament is that of the Law Commission. The Law commission is a full-time permanent publicly funded body, which was set up by the Law Commissions Act 1965. It was established to reform law. There are five Commissioners, they are full time and one is a High Court judge who chairs the proceedings. The other four are solicitors, barristers, academic lawyers, which allows a full range of views on the issues of the law....   [tags: Papers]

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Exploration of Accusations of Selective Justice Regarding the ICC Made by the African Union

- Introduction This paper explores accusations of selective justice regarding the ICC, made by the African Union. It argues that the ICC can effectively contribute to peace and peacebuilding, so long as it involves a comprehensive approach to international justice that extends beyond criminal trials. The argument is reinforced through utilization of African case studies where the ICC has not been entirely effective. Furthermore a solution focusing on progressive initiatives of restorative international justice is outlined....   [tags: Rome Statute, Legal Precedent]

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The Various Approaches a Judge May Use to Decide the Meaning of a Statute

- The Various Approaches a Judge May Use to Decide the Meaning of a Statute When a judge comes to deciding upon a case he must apply the necessary legislation, and although it is drafted clearly and with great detail, problems can sometimes arise in the interpretation of what the actual law is. Sometimes the problem can be that the language of the statute could be misunderstood, or not clear enough to what is actually meant. For example, in the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861, it was stated that, 'whosoever, being married, shall marry any other person during the life of the former husband or wife shall be guilty of bigamy.' But what does the word marry mean....   [tags: Papers]

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Modern Law in Australia

- ... Precedents are also created if a dispute arises in the actual interpretation of statute laws. In these situations, judges attempt to clarify these ‘gaps’ or misunderstandings in the law (Statute and Common Law, 2014). For example, the case of de facto relationships and the Property Law Amendment (1999) had to be adjudicated due to them not being recognised despite having similar issues (child support, property rights etc). Decisions are made through the ‘ratio decidendi’ which is the legal reason for the decision and the ‘obiter dicta’ which are comments made on the case that are not relevant and therefore not binding (e.g....   [tags: common, precedents, statute]

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The Constitution Of New Zealand

- Laws 121: terms essay The Constitution of New Zealand unlike most countries is not entrenched and is also not supreme law, which means there is no single document outlining the entire constitution. The New Zealand Constitution is made up of a large number of different Statutes, however this does not account for all our constitutional material. Part of our constitution is governed by convention, these ‘traditions’, while not legally binding help to restrain the executive. The Executive is made of the Prime minster, ministers, government agencies and state owned enterprises....   [tags: Law, Constitution, Separation of powers, Statute]

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International Criminal Court

- The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a relatively new organization; only just a decade old and it has seen a great deal of hardships and success. Since the creation of ICC it has seen a vast deal of criticisms that “[range] from concerns about racism and neocolonialism” and so forth. Not only has it encountered criticisms, but as well, people have questioned the usefulness of this organization. In truth, is it necessary to question the value, based on what little it has accomplished and in addition to, the amount of wealth it needs to stay buoyant....   [tags: Rome Statute, Global Justice]

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Relationship Between School Authority And Law

- he case study is based on relationship between School authority and students in which charges against students are presented under both Common law and Statutory law. School authorities are under a duty to take reasonable care of students while they are under school’s control. This duty arises out of relationship of care and control that exists between students and teachers and will vary according to the nature and location of the activity. Before interpreting individual cases, let’s define Common law and Statute law....   [tags: Law, Common law, Statute, Tort]

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Downloading Music On The Internet

- ... This demonstration ensure specialists, since when people download their music they are losing cash and taking a major lost. Presently there are a few foundations that bolster music sharing and additionally downloading. As indicated by Amanda Lenhart, two-third of the individuals who download music records or share documents online say they couldn 't care less whether the records are copyrighted or not and 35 million United States grown-ups download music records online , 26 million offer records on the web....   [tags: File sharing, Copyright, Statute of Anne]

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Common Law : Common And Civil Law System

- 1.a What is the meaning of the term common law and what are the characteristics of a common law system. Throughout the world there are two types of legal systems; common and civil law. The most prevalent is the Civil law system, which grew from Roman law. The less frequently occurring of the two systems is the Common Law system, with only 27% of the world’s 320 legal jurisdictions using Common Law. Common law can refer to any legal jurisdiction that is using the English system. Common law is case law, a more flexible system of law by contrast to civil law....   [tags: Common law, Law, Civil law, Statute]

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Ethical Issues : A Duty Of Warn

- ... Let’s explore the history of this case and other cases that contributed to statutes, the liability of duty to warn, the criticisms, the limitations, and lack of uniformity. According to Gostin (2002), in the Tarasoff v. The University of California Board of Regents a psychologist at the university health center recognized Prosenjit Poddar was a danger to ex-girlfriend Tatiana Tarasoff. He had a pathological attachment to her and had made some threats towards her in the office. The psychologist notified his campus police and the client was arrested....   [tags: Law, Statute, Common law, Case law]

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The Case Riggs V Palmer

- ... This fact is what gave rise to different arguments from the majority to the dissenting judges. The issues were how to interpret the law rationally, and whether Palmer, who murdered his grandfather should be entitled to the property. The judges believed that although the law at that time did not address the issue of what would happen to the property in the event that the heir murdered the testator, to allow such a thing would never be the intention of legislators (Riggs v Palmer). Had legislators ever intended that to be an option, they would have specified it in the legislation, but this was not be the case (Riggs v Palmer)....   [tags: Law, Statute, Common law, Legal positivism]

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Agreement Between A Contract And Agreement

- ... All parties must comprehend the seriousness of the situation and understand what is required. If one party is not competent, the contract is not valid, and the non-competent party can reject the contract. The contract must be for a legal purpose. It cannot be for something illegal, like selling drugs or prostitution (Murray, 2016). While it is not illegal to enter into a contract that doesn 't have all of these essential items, the contract will not be enforceable by a court if it is missing one of these elements....   [tags: Contract, Contract law, Statute of frauds]

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Personal Statement : Why I Chose At College

- ... After my dad showed me the movie “Top Gun”, a movie about a Naval Fighter Pilot, I became extraordinarily interested in fighting for my country. I dug deeper and deeper into information about ways to serve, and when I could serve, and why people chose to serve and as my research continued I stumbled upon a large quantity of information about American history. I would research during the day and then talk with my dad about what I had learned that day. Being the history buff that my dad is he would go on to tell me in-depth stories about men like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, Teddy Roosevelt and John F....   [tags: Law, United States Constitution, Statute]

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Personal Narrative : My Senior High School

- ... After my dad showed me the movie “Top Gun”, a movie about a Naval Fighter Pilot, I became extraordinarily interested in fighting for my country. I dug deeper and deeper into information about ways to serve, and when I could serve, and why people chose to serve and as my research continued I stumbled upon a large quantity of information about American history. I would research during the day and then talk with my dad about what I had learned that day. Being the history buff that my dad is he would go on to tell me in-depth stories about men like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, Teddy Roosevelt and John F....   [tags: Law, Statute, United States Constitution]

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Federal RICO Statutes

- RICO, which stands for Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, was created in 1970 by the United States Government as a way to help courts fight organized crime. These types of organized crime are often called white collar crimes and they can range from fraud and embezzlement to bribery. Before RICO was established it was far too easy for a person higher up the ladder or ranks of a company or gang to dodge any sort of prosecution for their actions simply because they were not the person who actually did whatever deeds that were being prosecuted....   [tags: Criminal Justice]

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Pennsylvania State Statutes Dealing With Education

- 1. Pennsylvania state statutes dealing with education are governed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education (http://www.stateboard.education.pa.gov/Pages/default.aspx), which was established by the General Assembly (http://www.legis.state.pa.us). Those statutes are as follows are found within the Public School Code of 1949 (available in full at http://www.legis.state.pa.us/WU01/LI/LI/US/HTM/1949/0/0014..HTM) The major categories within this document deal with the State Board of Education, regulation of private schools, financial matters, higher education governance, education standards, and regulation of employees....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States, United States]

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Employment Laws

- Employment Laws The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 - (Age Discrimination) These Regulations came into force on 1st October 2006. The Regulations apply to all employment and vocational training (employees, prospective employees and trainees). It is unlawful to discriminate, harass or victimise job applicants, employees or trainees on the grounds of age (young or old). Direct discrimination occurs where the employer treats a job applicant / employee / trainee less favourably than he treats or would treat other persons unless he can objectively justify that treatment....   [tags: Legal Statute Employee Discrimination ]

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The Importance of Stature Estimation

- Webster-Mirriam defines stature as the natural height (as of an individual) in an upright position. Estimating stature is important for individualization in forensic cases and mass disasters. Along with assessments of age, sex, and ancestry, stature estimation assists a forensic anthropologist in building the biological profile of an unidentified decedent (DiGangi, Moore). Research has shown that measurement of the lengths of the long bones is the most useful for estimation of living stature of an individual when the full skeleton is not available (DiGangi, Moore)....   [tags: individualization in forensic cases]

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Law and Statue Law

- Step 1 The area of law the question is associated with is statute law. The case in question concerns the breach of the local law 36 which states “A person shall not dispose of metals or metallic particles into soil, areas of vegetation, waterways, sewers, drains or similar areas. Penalty: $3000.00”. Yvette, a student sells artworks in her garage in her private residence. The chromium paint she uses contains a small amount of aluminium and while the paint can is being cleaned, some paint may escape the can and flow into a water trough which is not used....   [tags: Four Step Process, Laws, Streets, Systems]

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The Statue of Westminster and the Historical Importance Behind it

- The 1931 Statute of Westminster can be seen as the logical end of the years of negotiations on change between Britain and her Dominions, which include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Newfoundland. The origins of the Statue date back to the Imperial Conference in 1926 where Lord Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Minster, suggested that all Dominions should be given the right to full autonomy in their legislations. This would result in equality amongst Britain and its Dominions It made several key provisions; British parliament could no longer nullify laws in the Dominions, the Dominions were able to make their own extra-territorial laws, and British law no longer had to be applied i...   [tags: Canada, Autonomy, Independence]

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Fed Minutes Gain Communication Stature

- ... Fed Chair Yellen is scheduled to speak at the annual Jackson Hole conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City later this week. This event provides, therefore, an opportunity for her to clarify the Fed’s reaction function and to potentially put a September rate hike in play. Have the Fed’s Long-Term Views Changed. Financial markets perennially focus on the short-term factors that may have swayed the FOMC from not raising the federal funds rate this year. Members are periodically criticised for focussing too much attention on high frequency financial market data....   [tags: Monetary policy, Central bank]

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Should Congress Repeal the Private Express Statutes?

- In July 2009, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) listed the budget of the United States Postal Service as “high risk” and recommended oversight from Congress and the Executive Branch. Specifically, the GAO stated that “Amid challenging economic conditions and a changing business environment, USPS is facing a deteriorating financial situation in which it does not expect to cover its expenses and financial obligations in fiscal years 2009 and 2010” (“Restructuring”, 2009, pg. 1). The GAO claimed that the mail volume in 2009 would likely decrease by about 28 billion as compared to 2008 and that the USPS would likely see declining volumes for the next five years (“Restructuring”, 2009, p...   [tags: US Postal Service]

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Dwarfism Causes a Person to Have Short Stature

- Dwarfism About 1 in every 25,000 people suffers from achondroplasia, which is the most common type of dwarfism (Dwarfism, par. 1). Dwarfism causes a person to have short stature, and they suffer the inconveniences of being shorter than average. Those with dwarfism are often unfairly thought of as less than people without the disorder. The public’s view of dwarfism tends to be skewed because of Hollywood’s inaccurate depiction and its belief in historically unfair stereotypes. This view needs to change because people with dwarfism are created equally, and with support and minor accommodations they are able to live happy and successful lives....   [tags: unfair stereotypes, genetic disorders]

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Why Satan Lost His Stature Of Theology

- Faculty, peers, and distinguished guests, it’s an honor to be speaking to you all. Thank you for coming here to listen to me speak tonight. We have a lot of information to cover, so I am just going to jump right into the topic. My intention is to explore the nature of the introduction of Satan into Western Tradition through the works of the ancient Israelites, and then by providing a description of the theodicy proposed by Augustine, I will explore some of the reasons behind why Satan lost his stature in theology....   [tags: God, Theology, Evil, Christian philosophy]

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Health Care Facilities For Hospitals With Numerous Statutes And Certain Specifications

- ... The prompt clinics are the newest facilities that accept outpatients for treatment and services. The Purpose and Goals of Health Care Facilities The mission of the hospitals to provide medical attention to people who mental, physical, and critical ill that use staff with special skills and equipment to meet the needs of the patient. Furthermore, to improve the health status of citizens within communities by delivering quality health care to all persons that benefit. The hospital goals include providing efficient, effective, high-quality services and keeping the patient safe and remain alive, and exceeding patient satisfaction....   [tags: Hospital, Patient, Health care]

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Contract Transfer of Title to Real Property

- ... A signature may be any form of signing, initials or mark made by the party to be charged to acknowledge the contract's terms. The party to be charged usually is the one who refuses to comply with the contract's terms. Since one usually does not know who that is when the parties originally enter into the contract, it is prudent to have all parties sign. Here, we have not yet had anyone refuse to comply with the contract. And, we are told Padrina signed both copies. But, has Orande signed. The facts show he initialed both copies in response to Padrina's note asking him to do that "so as to confirm these terms." As a result, it is likely his initials constitute a signing that the statute ca...   [tags: statue, frauds, writing, terms]

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Othello's Lack of Perception and his Tragic Stature

- Othello's Lack of Perception and his Tragic Stature Othello's lack of perception does to some extent diminish his tragic stature in some parts. However it is reclaimed again, perhaps towards the end when we see how Othello has been deceived. As quoted by Aristotle "Othello is too trusting." It is his naivety that leads to his downfall. At the beginning of the play, Othello is described as a "bombastic", lascivious man as Iago comments on this. However this is contradicted when he makes his appearance in Act 1 Scene 2....   [tags: Papers]

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A Man for All Seasons: More’s Moral Stature

- A Man for All Seasons:  More’s Moral Stature                        In some literature, a character’s moral stature plays an important role.  In the play, A Man for All Seasons, by Robert Bolt, no other character comes close to More’s moral reputation.  Thomas Cromwell and Richard Rich do not compare to More’s moral stature because both Rich and Cromwell lie, while Rich accepts bribes and Cromwell does anything King Henry VIII tells him to no matter what it is, and they will do whatever it takes to get what they want.  More on the other hand, would not lie no matter what the consequences would be, he would not accept a bribe under any circumstance and he would never go against his morals...   [tags: Man for All Seasons Essays]

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Want the Constitution Quickly?: Let the Current Government Continue

- ... The Maoists, reduced to the third force now from the first in the CA I, have put forward a slew of preconditions to remain relevant. The 33 parties opposed to the CA II elections want to write a constitution outside the Assembly. In a regular parliament, this is normal political game. But the CA is not just a parliament; its principal goal is to write a new constitution; and the power game being played will come in the way of drafting a new statute. It could work well neither as a legislature nor as a constitution writing body....   [tags: government, leaders, statue, write, political]

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The Statue Of Liberty

- ... Immigrants that were leaving their home to come to American were being separated from people and including their home country. Once immigrants got to America they went down the stairs of separation that would lead them to their future and if they went down the wrong set of stairs they would be separated from their family and friends and sent back to the country they came from. The ones that were luck enough to stay in America was commonly was separated by their race and beliefs. Though now in the 20 century we are taking the power of separation to separate the immigrants on who is allowed and who isn’t allowed to enter the United States and become a citizen....   [tags: United States, Immigration to the United States]

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The Statue of Liberty

- The Statue of Liberty stands in the New York Harbor and has greeted many immigrants into Ellis Island. At the time, Lady Liberty was letting them know that their journey to find freedom, democracy, and a better way of life, was officially over. The Statue of Liberty is very important to many Americans because of what it represents. (Statue of Liberty National Monument)(Immigration) In 1865, Edvouvard de Laboulaye, of France, thought of the idea to build the Statue of Liberty while he was on a visit to New York....   [tags: US History]

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The Statue of Hatshepsut

- The statue of Hatshepsut seated down is made with the material limestone. This limestone is lightly colored, which created a larger contrast with the other statues nearby. Her face was carved bringing out her eyes, eyebrows and other facial features. Her eyebrows also come slightly together towards the middle. Her lips forming a slight archaic smile. The dimensions are larger than an average female size. The statue is of great size, yet still in proportion. The body and head fit well with each other overall....   [tags: Wounded Amazon, art, sculpture, limestone]

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Statue of Individuality

- Statue of Individuality Using reason and logic to think was a new idea. This new idea was a part of the revolutionary enlightenment of a daily new Renaissance. To show this new thinking the church wanted a beautiful statue of David for the cathedral. Why. Because, “David’s strength, courage and youthful confidence where the image that Florence wanted to project” (Senatore). In the 1500’s Florence had regained its status as a republic. David symbolized Florence’s independence from outside forces, both foreigners and aristocracy (Senatore)....   [tags: Using Reason, Logic, Ideas, Revolution]

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Testamentary Freedom and Validity of Wills

- ... The court is satisfied that a provision may be made for a child of the person rendering the services and be told to them, not the child. The court has even stated that the promise could have been made to a member of the claimant’s family (who has rendered the services) and the claimant may not have been aware of this promise throughout the life of the deceased, and the claim may still be successful in respect of the “promise.” The next issue Blanchard J addressed is the nexus between the services and the promise....   [tags: legislation and case law, New Zealand statutes]

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The history of the Statue of Liberty

- “There are seven rays on her crown, one for each continent, each measuring as much as 150 pounds” (“Statue of Liberty Fun Facts ).” People may know that there are seven rays but not that the rays stand for each continent. The Statue of Liberty, with its unique history, is a sculpture created by Frederic- August Bartholdi, which has an immense size and a great significance to many people in the United States. The history of the Statue of Liberty is one of the most interesting facts about the statue....   [tags: freedom, Bartholdi, Eiffel]

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The Eiffel Tower and The Statue of Liberty

- Compare and Contrast of the Eiffel Tower and The Statue of Liberty Beautiful scenery. Love. New experiences. Finding these things in two very popular cities. The Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower both are very popular tourist attractions, maybe for their beauty or perhaps their archeological structure. Who knows really but here’s a few similarities and difference between the two. Although the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are different as well as similar the facts are clear. Even though, the Eiffel Tower is a renowned monument for France....   [tags: Tourist Attractions, Monuments, France, New York]

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The Statue Of The Ancient World

- In the world today, there are many spectacular sculptures and artworks. The statue of Zeus at Olympia was possibly the most famous statue in the ancient world. It is known to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Greek sculptor Phidias made it about 435 BC, and dedicated to Zeus the king of gods. The statue of Zeus was the greatest statue to be built in Greece. The artists of this statue captured the royalty of the king by seating Zeus on a throne to inspire tremendous awe in all that witnessed this statue....   [tags: Olympic Games, Ancient Olympic Games, Olympia]

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The Statue Titled Torso of Venus

- The statue titled, Torso of Venus, was a replica of the original work by Praxiteles. The Romans made the sculpture in 1st or 2nd century AD during the time of the Late Antiquity period; more specifically known as the Pre-Constantine period. Like the original, the statue was made out of marble. The Torso of Venus is a statue of the goddess Venus, known commonly as the goddess of love and beauty. It was said that she was born, or emerged, from the sea foam. Venus, or Aphrodite to the Greeks, was the embodiment of beauty, sexuality, love and fertility....   [tags: Praxiteles, replica, Greek sculpture]

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Humanism : The And The Statue Of David

- ... Morality is an encompassing theme that deals with principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior. Morality was heavily involved in the humanistic idea of the human conscience. The theme of morality intertwined itself with the new humanistic thought process in that it dealt with believing that human beings were in control of their own actions through an inner life and an inner voice that dictates one’s own good and bad decisions rather than mandates from a higher power....   [tags: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Thought, Michelangelo]

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The Statue of Moses by Michelangelo

- Statue of Moses The Middle Ages was ending and the Italian Renaissance was starting. Many people called the Renaissance the rebirth of a New Age. Between the 14th century and 17th century a new way of thinking about the world came about. During the Italian Renaissance, art was very popular. Artists in the Renaissance applied many humanist and religious principles behind their work. Michelangelo Buonarroti was one of the greatest artist and sculptor in the Italian Renaissance. He was born in the village of Caprese on March 6, 1475....   [tags: Renaissance art/sculpture]

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The Large Kneeling Statue of Hatshesput

- The large kneeling statue of Hatshepsut (~1470 BCE), (Figure 3-21 [pg. 70] in “Art Through the Ages”) depicts the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, seated on her knees with a jar in each hand. Carved in Red Granite and measuring at 8' 6' tall, the statue begins at the base with a large block with a rounded facade. Hatshepsut rests on her knees atop the block, her posture is perfect with a completely vertical back. She is facing straight ahead, the typical headdress and beard of the pharaoh are shown prominently....   [tags: art through the ages]

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Hercules Statue and The Amenemhat II

- By examining two famous sculptures the Amenemhat II and Hercules it can be seen they both share similar traits but are culturally, religiously and historically different and their sculptures made sure to establish their religious, cultural and political views their their creations. Hercules statue was sculpted in Ancient Greece around 216 A.D by Lysippos in addition Greeks took so much time investing into the details and anatomy of their statues so they would be remembered forever but they failed at picking a better material to make them in resulting in loss of history....   [tags: ancient greece, ancient egypt]

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Michelangelo's Statue of David

- ... This group consisted of artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Piero di Cosimo and Filippino Lippi. During the meeting of January 25, 1504, several locations were proposed as to where to place the David. These locations included places around Florence, but the two most favored were the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi. After much deliberation, the statue was finally placed by the main doorway of Palazzo Vecchio in the Piazza della Signoria, and publicly debuted on September 8, 1504....   [tags: symbols of Florence, Italy]

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Joan of Arc Statue

- The iconic monumental statue of Joan of Arc is located on Riverside Drive at 93rd Street in the Upper Westside in New York City. When entering through to the east of Riverside Drive walking up the stairs you’re welcome with the view of the posterior of the statue. To be more precise the first that stand out is the horse’s imposing rear with muscular legs. The monument statue is surrounded with trees. Once you’re in front of this beautiful monument of Joan of Arc you appreciate it is elegance and simplicity....   [tags: Art Analysis]

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The Statue Of Liberty

- There are few objects that can be compared to the significance of the figure known as the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the greatest works of its time and still stands today as a meaningful entity of independence to the world. The statue is a great tribute to the concept of global freedom that had its roots in America. It was created to display the worldwide objective of peace and tranquility. The fact that another model of this icon stands today in a world capital shows the effect that this figure has inscribed upon the world....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Statue of Kouros

- The Statue of a kouros and the Portrait statue of a boy both depict similar subjects, however are greatly different in how they accomplish this task. Through detail, or lack there of, the Greeks and Romans are able to display a certain value they have in its members. These two statues were made about 500 years apart and approach the sculpting process quit differently. The Greek statue seems to use geometric exaggerated lines to form the body while the Romans use a more realistic approach and sculpt the body with a more rounded finish....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Liberty Enlightening the World: The Statue of Liberty

- Liberty Enlightening the World On Liberty Island in New York Harbor, Manhattan, New York City; the statue, that was originally called " Liberty Enlightening the world”, stands tall facing any newcomer to the city of New York, it was sculpted by a sculptor called Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who also designed the statue, Bartholdi was greatly helped by an engineer called Gustave Eiffel, the man who also helped in the design of the Eiffel Tower, was the mastermind behind the iron framework underneath the copper plating....   [tags: new york, monument]

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Leonardo Fibonacci Of The Marble Statue Of Pisa

- ... While on this journey, he studied with Arab mathematicians (Aczel 66) and became familiar with Hindu-Arabic numerals (Aczel 67). After his voyage, Leonardo returned to Pisa, Italy in 1200 (Aczel 67) and began compiling all that he had learned. Then in 1202, Leonardo published Liber Abaci, Book of the Abacus (McClenon 143). In the Liber Abaci, Leonardo contained the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, which is 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Leonardo also introduced zero, 0 (Aczel 67). The significance of the Liber Abaci is not that it is the first book written in Italy that had the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, but it is the first book that contains examples of the system being used in problems (McCleanon...   [tags: Fibonacci number, Golden ratio, Fibonacci]

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Statue Of Liberty

- I chose to write about the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty serves as a symbolic fixture of the principles America was founded on. She represents freedom, liberty, and opportunity. The location of the Statue of Liberty is an amazing feat in itself, it is right in the middle of a very wide and a very deep Hudson river, and at the time it was brought there, with the limited technology, was amazing. Adding to the location, The State of Liberty as everyone knows is right next to the old customs ports where thousands of hungry, and poor immigrants fresh off the boat would pass through looking for a better life....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Magnesium Statue

- The Magnesium Statue Planning The Problem A statue, which is made of an alloy consisting mainly of magnesium, corrodes at different rates, at different times of the year. Background Knowledge ==================== There are some areas of knowledge that should be taken into consideration to help in devising an experiment to help determine the cause of the problem, and which gave me a greater understanding of the problem. A major factor in the decay of the statue is acid rain, which prevents the formation of the oxide coat that would normally form on magnesium preventing corrosion in air....   [tags: Papers]

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Statue of Haremhab vs. the Statue of Queen Hatshepsut

- Compare the statue of Haremhab with the statue of Queen Hatshepsut These two statues are famous to the Egyptian art era. They represent the woman’s position and the man’s position at that day and age. Traditionally, the rulers of Egypt were male. So, when Hatshepsut, Dynasty 18, ca. 1473-1458 B.C., assumed the titles and functions of king she was portrayed in royal male costumes. Such representations were more for a political statement, rather than a reflection of the way she actually looked....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

- The Statue of Zeus at Olympia In the world today, there are many spectacular sculptures and artworks. The statue of Zeus at Olympia and the seated statue of Khafre are just two examples of dominant artworks. The statue of Zeus at Olympia was possibly the most famous statue in the ancient world. The Greek sculptor Phidias made it about 435 BC, and dedicated to Zeus, the king of gods. The seated statue of Khafre from the fourth dynasty of the Old Kingdom (2520- 492 BC) was created by an unknown artist....   [tags: Art, Sculpture, Greek, Informative]

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Mysterious Statue of a Boy in the Park

- As soon as I entered the park, I went looking for the statue of the little boy that I remembered so well from last summer. I knew it was on the south side of the park, but I was not sure exactly where. As soon as I began my quest, I could faintly smell roses, a smell so familiar from the endless warm summer days that Jordan and I would spend next to the rose garden, in front of the statue. I knew I was getting close. Next, I saw the roses in the distance from where I was, walking towards the stairs that lead to the rose garden....   [tags: Free Descriptive Essay About A Place]

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Pentadic Analysis of the Statue of Liberty

- Pentadic Analysis of the Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty is one of the most well know symbols of the United States, across the world. For this reason I chose to analyze the dramatic effect it creates, and what methods it implores to invent this "universal" meaning. It is one of the strongest visual representations of the ideals which our country is founded upon. I intend to defend the argument that the Statue of Liberty posses the power of persuading human thought using the terms encompassed in Kenneth Burke's Pentad, shaping the definition of "America" for people through out the world....   [tags: Papers]

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Symbols and Composition of the Statue Saint George by Donatello

- Saint George is a statue that was sculpted by Donatello in the prime of his career. From top to bottom, this realistic statue displays a sort of defiance towards his enemies and a sense of pride in his country. This begins with his expression of pride and inner turmoil on his face and ends with the wide stance of his feet, a mighty shield in-between. Even the platform he is standing on and the composition of his body help contribute to the strength of this realistic soldier of a man. Everything from his mighty arms to the cloak he wears on his back act as a shield to the enemies of whomever building or town this sits by....   [tags: hope, marble, soldier]

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Pygmalion's Obsession with the Statue of Cyprus

- Pygmalion's Obsession with the Statue of Cyprus Pygmalion decided to portray women as he searched for the most perfect being and he hadn't found any in Cyprus. He placed all his love and wishfulness in his statues and so the most beautiful of his creations was sculpted. Pygmalion, being a man, and having 'animal' urges, must have wanted a partner to share his emotions and get frisky with, so this was the perfect idea for him. What could be better, a woman with beautiful looks, and never talks back or argues with you....   [tags: Bernard Shaw Pygmalion Relationships Essays]

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Monumental Statue Of The Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned

- Monumental Statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned Jose Manuel Vazquez Dr. Judith Steinhoff Art & Society: Prehistoric to Gothic ARTH 1380 TU&TH 10:00AM-11:30AM A Visual Analysis of Egyptian, Monumental Statue of the Pharaoh Ramesses II Enthroned The Egyptians created Ramesses’ statue 1279-1212 B.C. using granodiorite. The statue is currently being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Its dimensions withouts a base are 59 3/4 x 23 1/2 x 30 inches (seems bigger than life-size)....   [tags: Ancient Egypt, Ramesses II, Egypt, Pharaoh]

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Horatio Greenough 's Marble Statue Of George Washington

- Upon reviewing different photos of Horatio Greenough’s marble statue of George Washington, I immediately thought of The Iliad and The Aeneid. The large sculpture of Washington with a god like body, dressed in a Roman toga and sitting upon a Grecian style seat embellished with mythical symbols, related to the Greek gods and Hercules, initially invoked these thoughts. His statue is also holding a sword, which brings to mind an overall image of a warrior and hero. Initially, Greenough was commissioned to create the piece as a commemoration of the centennial of Washington’s birth , but to me this is a way to truly immortalize the great George Washington....   [tags: Trojan War, Iliad, Greek mythology, Troy]

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Roman Art: Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

- Roman Art: Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius The “Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius” was created as propaganda statue for the ruler Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius was a powerful leader and was best known for military conquests and his intellectual knowledge (Stokstad 200). Marcus Aurelius ruled in Rome from 161 to 180 CE. He was appointed as the ruler by the previous administration though he was not part of the royal family. The “Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius” was one of the lucky bronze pieces from Ancient Rome....   [tags: bronze, ruler, horse]

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Statue of the Blessed Virgin

- Statue of the Blessed Virgin One of the best-kept secrets of Irish culture is the moving statues phenomenon that erupted in the mid-eighties all over the republic of Ireland. In August 1985, there were reports from the small town of Mountcollins that a statue of the Blessed Virgin had been seen to move. In the following months there were reports of the same phenomenon coming from small rural areas all over the country. Many people traveled to county Limerick to view the statue at Garryowen, following reports that some people had seen blood coming from one of the hands of Our Lady....   [tags: Religion Prayers Irish Papers]

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Is The Statue of Liberty a Lie?

- Is The Statue of Liberty a Lie. The issue of immigration has shaped the history of the United States throughout the years of its existence. People from numerous different countries have immigrated to America in search of a better life and new opportunities. While Americans often ponder whether immigration is a benefit to society, legislators have recently enacted many anti-immigration laws which have been enforced to keep control over illegal immigration. Many different positions exist concerning illegal immigration in the United States....   [tags: Essays Papers]

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Statue of Liberty: A Lie?

- Statue of Liberty: A Lie. As I sat on a park bench in the middle of Manhattan, eating a pack of stale peanut butter crackers, I couldn't keep myself from thinking about the woman I had met the day before. The lady I met seemed to be a strong woman of high morale, but after our interaction I came to the conclusion that she was living a lie. Well-known and noticeably the tallest female in the community, many people looked up to her as somewhat of a motherly figure. I'll never forget the tattoo on her ankles that partially read: …....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Marble Statue Of Dionysos Leaning On A Female Figure

- 1 & 2. Marble statue of Dionysos leaning on a female figure 3 & 4. 27 B.C – A.D 68 by unknown artist, but restored by Pacetti Vincenzo 5. March 1796 found at Aldobrandini Palace, Rome Dionysos, also known as Dionysus, is an Olympian god of many things such as festivity, pleasure, wine, and vegetation. Dionysos is the god of wilderness and one of his attributes are large cats, helping me recognize the statue of him wearing clothes made of animal skin. According to Metropolitan Museum, it stated that, Dionysos wore panther skin over his skirt like clothes and animal head shaped like a huge cat on his high sandals that look like boots” (MET)....   [tags: Greek mythology, Zeus, Apollo, Iliad]

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Advertisement: Greek Statue and Perfume

- Advertisement: Greek Statue and Perfume While flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, my fingers stop abruptly as my eyes catch an image of a nude man holding a clothed woman. The man has a muscular body and is effortlessly supporting the woman who's body is arched backwards, her arms hang in a swan-like manner. On the ground by her left foot lays a paint palette and her right hand is grasping a paint brush. The room that they are in appears to be a studio with press board floors, brick walls, and old unfinished wooden workbenches draped in cloth....   [tags: Ads Advertise Statues Essays]

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The Tragedy Of Zelda 's The Chamber Under The Statue Of The Goddess

- ... It was busy today; people from all over the sky islands were present, going in and out of the shops, bartering with stall owners, and buying and trading everything from pumpkins to arrows. I squeezed my way through the crowd, taking special care not to run into anyone that I and Link know. I did see Cawlin and Stritch visiting what appeared to be a bug shop. Normally it would 've interested me, but Link 's disappearance had changed all that. Nothing else mattered execpt getting him back home safely....   [tags: 2005 singles, 2008 singles]

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Statue of Liberty Ribbon

- Statue of Liberty Ribbon The Statue of Liberty has served as the single most important symbol of the friendship between the two countries and the ideal of democracy since its unveiling on October 28, 1886. At the time it was the tallest structure in America. The statue was originally a gift to the United States. The relationship between the two countries dates back before the United States was an independent country (Kotler p7). The French were one of the first to explore and settle in North America....   [tags: Architecture History]

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The Virgin Mary Statue

- The Virgin Mary Statue Kindergarten through fourth grade was absolutely beautiful. We all sat together at lunch, played tag together on the playground, laughed and listened to the teachers together in class. Then fifth grade rolled around, and all my friends started to evolve, and for the worse as I saw it. We all started noticing things that we weren’t aware of before. We used to be like a bunch of happy naked babies, absolutely oblivious to the fact that we were all unclothed and different from one another....   [tags: Personal Narrative Writing]

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Comparing the Statue of the Royal Scribe Yuni and the Statue of St. John of Patmos

- Comparing the Statue of the Royal Scribe Yuni and the Statue of St. John of Patmos Upon viewing the statue of the Royal Scribe Yuni (33.2.1) and the “Gothic stone” statue of St. John of Patmos (17.120.4), I noticed the few similarities and many differences they possessed when compared with one another. Both works reflexed the style of artwork done during it’s period. The statue of the Royal Scribe Yuni was found in the tomb of his father, Amenhotep. In this sculpture Yuni is shown kneeling and holding a highly decorative carved shrine....   [tags: Papers]

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College Admissions Essay: The Statue of Liberty

- Statue of Liberty This summer, I went to New York City for the first time. I would never have imagined the overwhelming effect of seeing the Statue of Liberty first hand. That statue has always been my favorite national monument, because it represented hope to me, hope that things can get better, hope that trying hard enough can take you to your "promised land." When I've heard others in my home town discussing the Statue of Liberty, they refer to the immigrants as "them." But I always thought of that Statue as applying to me too, though my ancestors have been here a very long time....   [tags: Free College Admissions Essays]

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Fashion in Greece- Discoveries through Art and Literature

- Greece is known for their utilization, almost to a uniform extreme, of all their products which contributed to fashion. There is very few amounts of clothing that have survived the ages of time, therefore most knowledge is derived from painting and sculptures. If we look at the sculptures, bas reliefs and frescos we are able to see the lifestyle of both the Archaic, Minoan and Mycenaean eras. In the Archaic era the use of literature is reopened, where it was stopped during the dark ages. Art has emphasis on sculptures and pottery at this time....   [tags: Class Statutes, Royal Colors]

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