Wage Discrimination against Women Essay

Wage Discrimination against Women Essay

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   The Women’s Equal Rights Movement has made dramatic progress in the last one hundred years. As a result, a woman can now vote, choose almost any career, and defend her human right to happiness. But, in spite of the progress made in the area of equal rights, wage problems in the workplace still exist which deny women equal pay for equal work.



Women are closing the gender gap in workplace and higher education. They are starting to climb the corporate ladder and are moving into managerial positions. Forty-three percent of managers are women today as opposed to the nineteen percent who were managers in 1970 ("Almost, But Not Quite, Equal" 1). Women are also receiving a higher level of education. They earned forty-five percent of the law degrees in 1994 compared to eight percent in 1972. Education is an important contributing factor to the progress being made in reducing the discrepancy in wages between genders. With women becoming better educated than 20 years ago, potential for a higher salary is greater. Today, women earn fifty percent of all college degrees and forty percent of all medical degrees. It is, perhaps, because of education that women’s wages grew, on average, twenty percent faster than men’s from 1920-1980 (Clark 174). The situation is not that fewer men have been attending college, but that a greater number of women are able, encouraged and willing to take the next step in education than ever before.



Despite all that has been accomplished, wage equality between men and women has not yet been reached. Overall, women only earn 74% of what men do in America (Equal Pay). In the higher job positions, with higher wages, there is a lack of female presence. An example of ...

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... themselves need to realize what can be accomplished and what blocks the way. And then with those complications resolved, women stand a better chance of receiving equal pay for equal work.

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