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Even though sometimes research appears impersonal as data shows individuals become numbers in statistics, other designs exist that bring a personal touch to the data collection methods. Narrative research unlike other designs aims to gather data “through the collection of stories, reporting individual experiences, and discussing the meaning of those experiences for the individual” (Creswell, 2008, p. 512). By collecting stories from individuals through dialogue, the researchers may learn more about the lives of others as influenced by their surrounding environment. Researchers accomplish learn about the information shared by the individuals through story telling which is then analyzed by researchers through a process known as restorying. The data collected through story telling is raw and needs organization to determine the meaning of the stories shared (Creswell, 2008). Because everyone has stories of their own using this design is a great method to collect significant data and it is possible that individuals will not even be aware that their experiences can provide significant contributions to the study. The key to effectively presenting the stories as significant to the study lies behind properly restorying the data collected. To accomplish restorying, researchers need to follow a three-step process to transcribe the data collected into material that is useful to assist in determining the meaning of these stories (Creswell, 2008). Therefore, understanding why to engage in restorying is just as important as knowing the process because it helps the researcher focus on the purpose and goal of the study itself.
Just as interviewers of a newspaper, magazine, or journal reorganize, the information shared by the interviewee to ens...

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...e subjects as they embark on a journey of storytelling while making connections to meaningful contexts in the subjects’ lives. Given this form of qualitative research, researchers “capture an everyday, normal form of data that is familiar to individuals” yet learn about the issues ordinary people face now a day (Creswell, 2008, p. 512). With this in mind, by engaging in restorying as a component of narrative research design, researchers have the opportunity to explore individuals beyond variables. Restorying offers opens the door to explore the meaningful stories of others in their own setting as it applies them in the context of the study and yet contribute to the much-needed efforts of educational research.

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Creswell, J.W.(2008). Educational Research: Planning Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Pearson 3rd Ed.

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