Movie Review : End The War On Drugs Essay examples

Movie Review : End The War On Drugs Essay examples

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In this documentary film analysis, I will analyze the film: End the War on Drugs which is written and presented by Russell Brand as he expresses his stance on the war on drug. I will do this by examining the arguments he brings forward and determine whether they are valid arguments.
The purpose of this film is to demonstrate and provide valid evidence to promote and persuade the legalization, regulation, decriminalization of drugs, mainly in the UK to the Home Affairs Select Committee (BBC, 2014). Russell intends to do this by exploring potential alternatives and reforms with many individuals and organizations across many countries.
What is the argument/thesis of the film? What assertions/claims are made?
Russell Brand presented many well rounded arguments in this documentary. The main argument and thesis of this film is that drug addiction should be treated as a health issue rather than a criminal judicial one and this can be done by listening to the addict themselves and identify the root of the problem. To support his claim, he shared the following statistics, “One billion (pounds) is spent on treating drug addicts while four billion (pounds) is spent on criminalizing them”. From this among other arguments, he was able to conclude that the ‘war on drugs’ is simply an unsuccessful government policy that deals with addicts. He argued that, you can’t truly stop people from doing drugs, but rather you can handle them in the best possible way possible, even if it means providing a clean safe place that is supervised.
To what extent does the argument have validity? Are there fallacies or problems in the argument?
In terms of the validity, Russell was able to present a strong case by presenting man...

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Based on this analysis, Russell brand effectively and efficiently argued the need to decriminalize drugs in the UK. He was able to do so by using many valid, credible and non-bias sources across the globe that either agreed or disagreed with the decimalization, regulation and legalization of drug for the betterment of the addicts and/or society at large. He provided a well-rounded argument and statistics to support his claim, and he discussed the tried and tested theory, that the best way to aid those with drug dependency issues is through abstinence and compassion – not jail sentences and homelessness (Selby, 2014) with like-minded individuals and logically argued with others who believed otherwise. In addition, he was applauded for his effort and his argument was able to spark debates and commentary after the film on social media outlets like Twitter.

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