The Government Should No Continue The War On Drugs Essay

The Government Should No Continue The War On Drugs Essay

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The government should no continue the war on drugs. This was a national initiative started by President Richard Nixon in 1971 (Clegg1). Drugs trade produces about a trillion dollars a year and more 230 million people use illegal drugs (Branson1). The drugs were taxed at rates comparable to these on alcohol and tobacco (Branson3). Drug abusers filled courts, hospitals, and prisons (Tama1).
People are pushing for the use of drugs to be recognized as a human right (Wrong1). Black American represents 13% of the population in the U.S. (Wrong1). Enforcing the drugs was controlling the system costs at least $100 billion a year (Gallahue1). The Americans public is the number one drug abuse in the United States (Crandall1). People associate the drug trade with crime and violence, enforcement means higher prices and higher revenues for drug dealers (Carden2).
The global war on drugs has been an abject failure including criminal market, justice and military and drug violence (Clegg1). Drug war will continue to rest on the shoulders of the government; war on drugs was and is also a cultural war (Carden2). Obama administration distanced to the war on drugs including critical sustaining productive engagement against the war and public health issue due to criminal networks (Tama1). The evidence suggests that drugs prices, romancing for higher than legal commodities unaffected by law enforcements measures [Gallahue1]. People can increase the demand for drugs including small amounts of funding and increasing demand for drug abuse (Crandall1).
The U.S. led war on drugs in Latin America produced that understanding that illicit actor who provides the drugs that feed Americans addictions (Crandall1). People came together to advocate marijuana legali...

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...idents have personally waged war on drugs. Over the last 40 years, they have spent trillions of dollars on a failed and effective War on Drugs. They campaigned for president on platforms that included decriminalizing marijuana. Nixon creates the drug Enforcement the efforts of all other agencies.
The half-mile long tunnel links a warehouse in Tijuana, where about two tons of marijuana was seized, to a warehouse in the United States. 200 pounds of drugs were found in Tijuana. The United States government, with the assistance of participating countries, and the stated aim to define and reduce the illegal drug trade. War on Drugs is particularly motivated by the desire to prevent drug use, which perceived as detrimental to society. There is a Drug arrest every 19 seconds in the U.S. of the more than 1.6 million drug arrests in 2009, 82 percent were for possession alone.

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