Gay Marriage Should NOT Be Legal Anywhere Essay

Gay Marriage Should NOT Be Legal Anywhere Essay

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The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Is this a good thing? The legalization of gay or lesbian marriage has become a hugely controversial subject with some saying it should and some say it should not be legal. This subject should not be taken lightly and it’s legalization should require some serious thought. Many people have a hard time with this subject because of the fact that homosexuality has been considered immoral or “sinful” throughout human history. Some peoples attitudes have softened today for a variety of reasons. Some may have family members that choose this lifestyle and others particularly younger people may actually be considering it themselves. A controversial topic like this is interesting as opinions about it are usually very one sided.. Whether you support gay marriage or not, this paper should give the reader some basic background information on why gay marriage is wrong. Legalizing gay marriage will not only distort children's views of what is right, but will also create a generation of mass confusion about the definition of marriage, & sexual norms opening all kinds of doors to the dark side of humanity.
There are many distinct cons resulting from this legislation that would be bad for society. For starters there would be an increase in benefits dollars having to be paid by employers due to gays now being considered married (Cons of same sex 1). I feel one bad thing about this is because corporations and government agencies will now be diverting money away from straight couples with families and mouths to feed and instead will be giving it to gay couples, now legally married. This in a way gives them incentive to marry not neces...

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...ver knowing their real dad. The mental problems caused by this type of reproduction and sense of not belonging to their own people. This would occur much more if the legalization of gay marriage were to occur. It would create many children in a type of situation which can totally be avoided. This would be detrimental to society as a whole and create a generation of even more confused people, totally unaware of how marriage was always meant to be.

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