Essay The Criterion for Keeping Drugs Illegal

Essay The Criterion for Keeping Drugs Illegal

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Everyone has tried drugs at least once in
their life, but not everyone gets addicted to that. In fact most people just use it occasionally. The
most important issue is what can be categorized as drug, in terms of being harmful to human
body. Alcohol and cigarettes can be considered drug because both are addictive and have
negative effects on the body system. So, we are talking about legal and illegal drugs. The first
question that comes to the mind is what criterion of a drug makes it illegal.

Huge amount of tax money has been spent to define legal and illegal drugs in the past three
decades, the money that could be spent on treating those who are addicted. Illegal drugs are the
ones that are not allowed to try at any point throughout the life, whether because of its harms on
the body system or the psychological effects which may cause anarchy. Considering
psychological effects of the drugs, there should be some rules and regulations in order to reduce
any kind of disturbance. But the fact that 60% of the prison’s population is drug related
crimes is so disturbing. How much money has been spent by government and how much money
has been earned is something to think about.

Slave might be a better term to describe current prison system. Prison labor has
become some kind of industry in the past decades. Some corporations use this cheap labor in
order to make bigger benefits. Keeping the prisons up to maximum capacity
is the only way to keep up the business, so what would happen is an increase in the
imprisonment rate without actually any major crime commitment. A large percentage of drug
users are teenagers and young adults, so they would make a great manual labor team.

Throughout the histor...

... middle of paper ...

...ed with the expectations. Coming from a Middle
Eastern country, with a high level of media censorship, the amount of freedom in USA was
shocking to me at first. People expressing their hatred toward a specific politician through a
sticker at the back of their car or a cartoon published in a local newspaper was so overwhelming
to me. But as I grew older and got more adapted to the new system I started feeling the social
and financial unfairness and the individual’s limitations.

The freedom of speech is the last thing a dictatorship government wants its citizens to have.
The basic criterion of a democrat society is the amount of speech freedom. Where I come from
80% of prison population is for political crimes, they even call it university because it is all
students or the professors, being held for no crime other than their thoughts and talks.

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